Staff Competition 2015

The fifth annual Funeral Services Northern Ireland National Poetry Competition marked the introduction of a staff competition which gave Funeral Service Northern Ireland employees the opportunity to get creative and write their own poetry for the first time. The judges were impressed with the standard from all the entries. Below are the poems from three finalists they chose: Ellison Sloan, William Vance and Terry Weir.



 Ellison sloan – Joseph Poots & Son funeral home (winner)

 It begins

Almost unnoticed

Announced by a single bird song

Or a bat going home to roost

Tentative tentacles of light

Almost testing the dept of the darkness

As a climber would test his hold

Before venturing higher

The battle has begun

The mighty orb

Relentless in its rise

Pushes on

Victory won

At full ascent

Nothing can withstand its light

But like the tide

After its height draws back

Likewise as time rolls on the light sinks

And darkness returns

To win the battle late in the day

But though gone from view

And robbed so quickly of victory

The light still shines

And will fight another day.


William Vance – The Co-operative Funeralcare Knockbreda

As darkness creeps amongst the trees

The Owl swoops high and low

The LIGHT of the moon is its only witness

To the forest floor Below


Guardian of the night air

It searches for food or foe

The LIGHT that bounces all around

provides its prey with glow


Morning Light

Terry Weir – James Brown and Sons funeral home

I’m swimming in the Mediterranean Sea,

The warmth of the sun is caressing me,

My snorkel steams up and I stop to see,

Then the light comes on, and it’s morning!


I’m hiking on a mountain trek,

The path feels like a slippery deck,

The village below is only a speck,

Then the light comes on, and it’s morning!


I’m sailing on an ocean liner,

My first class cabin could not be finer,

A choice of restaurants, including a diner,

Then the light comes on, and it’s morning!


I’m out for the night and feeling a bit blotto,

Waving my ticket that’s just won the lotto,

I’m not going back to work, that was always my motto,

Then the light comes on, and it’s morning!


I’m at Royal Ascot, where everyone is rapturous,

All the young folk are stunning and glamorous,

And one in particular is ever so amorous,

Then the light comes on, and it’s morning!


I’m at the car showroom, awaiting the keys,

Of my new red sports car, that’s guaranteed to please,

No doubt about it, I am the bee’s knees,

Then the light comes on, and it’s morning!


I’m sitting in the dentist’s chair,

I don’t feel any teeth in there,

My incisors, my molars, have gone somewhere,

Thankfully the light comes on, and it’s morning!