Co. Londonderry/Derry

Emma Arbuckle, Co Londonderry (Derry)

21 year old Emma wrote this poem ‘Bright’ following the death of her grandfather in summer 2012.  She flew to Belfast from Wales to recite her poem at the event, which was the first time she had read the poem aloud.  In memory of her grandfather, she found writing the poem cathartic.



You lie in a room
with the mirrors covered,
the clocks stopped and
the blinds closed.
Yet somehow
it is bright.
It’s you I think
this brightness in the air

And children are cradled
but children play
because children
are children
even on this day.
They kiss your head
to banish their nightmares
but I grasp your hand
I grasp.

And the trees
in the graveyard
don’t cast a shadow
as you are lowered.
Because you take no darkness
with you.
All we believe of death
is darkness.
But all I see
is the light
that you left behind

By Emma Arbuckle