Co. Fermanagh

Anna James, Co Fermanagh (Irvinestown)

75 year old Anna has 3 children.  Her son John accompanied her to the recital and read for her as Anna is registered blind.  She has been writing poetry all her life but this is the first competition she has entered.  She joined the Fermanagh Creative Writer’s group last year and they have been very supportive.  ‘Remembrance of Stars’ is about her late grandfather who taught her to look up into the sky at the stars.  She said that originating from Wales, she felt that ‘a girl from the valleys has finally made it’ when she entered Parliament Buildings, Stormont, for the event.


Remembrance of Stars


I remember my grandfather pointing up into the night-sky

Showing me the Great Bear, Orion the Hunter, Milky Way

My little-girl’s eyes sparkled in awe and wondrous joy

And when he was no longer there, I recited their names

Like a litany, to remember the good times that we shared

And when my beloved step-father followed after him

I imagined them both in the Heavens, amongst the stars


Then, when Carl Sagan said that we are the stuff of stars

It struck such a resonant chord within my very being

I looked up into the night-sky remembering them anew


Now, many years have passed and many friends have left

I look up, wonder when I will join them amongst the stars

To be with those beloved acquaintances once more

By Anna James