Co. Armagh

John McAllister, Co Armagh (Armagh)

68 year old John is married with 2 children.  He wrote this poem in memory of his father who laid the telegraph poles along the coast road from Larne to Ballycastle.  His father died at the age of 39 and John wrote the poem from studying a picture of him.  Author of short story collection “The Fly Pool”, his first novel “The Station Sergeant” will be published in February.



He was a Pioneer.
After forty years I’m surprised
I never noticed how the high starched collar
and neat-knotted tie masked
a mind-juggling determination
to match electronics with league football,
and a sense for right
that made him fight other corners.

It was the change, of course, the new house
making strange the familiar
and highlighting a frame
yellow from the years he never saw.

By John McAllister