Wilma Kenny, South Belfast

56 year old Wilma is married with 2 children.  She wrote the poem after her father’s death and found out about the poetry competition on facebook.  Her interest in writing came from her parents.


Requiem to my Father

On sunny days when we
were three slothful girls in flimsy cotton dresses
waiting for bashful beaus,
father dug dementedly in an old army suit,
making us blush with shame at his eccentricity
as he planted strawberry bushes.

One Christmas I looked at him
lying in his double death bed
as he dug into the far flung corners
of his muddled mind trying to remember,
who he was, who we were.
Only able to recall
some event of long, long ago.

Now I look down at a box
that holds him,
as Holy men in white surpluses,
which blow in the breeze
at the foot of the mountain
coo as lost doves do, for their dead friend.
We look to the stars
where he rests from his ceaseless digging.

 By Wilma Kenny