Co. Antrim

Eamon Cunningham, Co Antrim (Dunmurry)

Retired teacher Eamon, is married with 3 children.  He has been writing for 5 years and is a member of the creative writing group at Seamus Heaney Centre at Queen’s University, Belfast.  He has always had an interest in writing but has sharpened his poetry skills from attending the class.  He states that Medbh McGuckian and Ciaran Carson are his inspiration.  The poem ‘Anniversaries’ was written shortly after his mother’s funeral on Christmas Day 12 years ago.



In memoriam B C., 1913-1998


While the festive choir thumped through
‘O Come all ye Faithful’ we sat as flat
as cold porridge behind our votive gift.
Then as the old Canon slugged through
a resurrection theme that cut no comfort,
fairy lights on the tree made the crosses
on the lid sparkle like an awkward ornament.

So as others in new clothes moved on
we shouldered remains that gave us life.
In the sombre procession we choked
on swells of memory unrestrained.
Seasonal magic altered, lustre gone.
The homemaker who gave each one
special light to penetrate silent nights.

By Eamon Cunningham